Sometimes, I just can’t stand it. Sometimes, I’m just so angry I can’t hold it in. Today, I was driving in my car and I randomly screamed, “FUCK” at the top of my lungs out of nowhere. Then I felt better and I smiled and was like, “Alright,” and just kept driving. In the dark. Through the country. Bliss? Yeah, I guess so.

This afternoon, I went to Verizon and assumed liability for my phone. Matt told me our cell phone bill last month was something like $800+ and I just don’t feel like dealing with being limited to how much I can talk on the phone so I just took my phone onto my own plan. I’ll figure out the financials in the end. Whatever. It’s not the end of the world but it is the first time in my life I have ever had my own cell phone plan. LIBERATING! Hey, I’m 35 and growing up!

I had a nice meeting with my worship planning committee tonight. It was totally all over the place and unfocused; therefore, it was a productive meeting. As meetings usually are. We figured out some music, some concepts, and I’m TOTALLY STOKED that we are going to invite our bishop to play a song with us when he comes to visit. Rockin’ with the bishop. In case you didn’t know, the bishop for the Maryland Episcopal diocese is AWE. SOME. I’m hoping he won’t bring a guitar so he’ll play my Taylor. :)

I spend most nights with a pillow on either side of me to prop up a leg to keep my back from hurting. I also need something to hug while I sleep. While the cats at my transitory residence are coming around and accepting me, I still DEEPLY miss Diesel. Oh man, I miss that cat so much. And Emmy too. I can’t really think about it because it makes me want to cry.

Tomorrow is the first day of Advent. Prepare thyself for daily chocolate! I mean for the way of the Lord! Chocolate. Mmmmmmmm … chocolate. I loved Advent calendars when I was a kid so I splurged and spent $1.99 on one for myself. I really mean it when I said I splurged. Money is tight. I’m trying desperately to save money to get a place of my own this spring. I really don’t want a roommate. Sigh …

This post is so incredibly random. I should probably go to bed now.

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