Through the Pain

I guess I could have written through it but what to say? Who wants to listen to someone whine all the time?

I did move out on my own, about 6 weeks ago, into a 240 sq. ft. efficiency that is more than I dreamed of despite its lack of bathroom door. It’s a nice layover, if you will. It’s decorated and it’s mine, all mine. I come home, fling my bra across the room, crack open a beer, sit in my comfy chair, and contemplate my health and happiness.

I’ve taken up the mandolin in the past couple of months. Scored one off a friend of a friend for $100 and picked it up pretty quickly. I’m hoping, in time, to buy a quality one but DAMN mandolins are expensive! I’ll settle for this low-end hunk until the day comes I can wrap my fingers around a beauty.

Work is good, social life is good, sleep is lacking, but overall I’m in a good place in my life. It’s been six months pretty much to the day and we are finally making progress in regard to settlement. It will be another 6-9 months until the divorce is final but we are working on it, keeping it civil by not talking to each other, which is probably for the best.

I don’t cry about it anymore but sometimes I wake up and look at the ceiling and feel incredibly sad that it didn’t work because DAMN. I loved that man. He’ll always have a place in my heart and I pray for him daily that he will find his way. I pray that we all find our way in love.

So, here I am, hopefully to stay.

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One Response to Through the Pain

  1. mystery meat says:

    Dickfer is a douchebag. Men who get divorced are even more likely to get divorced a second time. He’s gross. You are better off without him, lady!

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